Here you can find the answers to the most Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q.):

Question 1: Why I didn't get the activation/password recovery mail?
It takes about 5 to 8 minutes to the mails for arriving at your e-mail inbox. It can also arrive at your spam folder, but it's not an usual situation. However, we suggest you to check it.

Question 2: What does the "Queued" sent messages Status mean?
Queued status means that your message has been received by our server and its waiting for be sent to the receiver bb device It takes about 5 to 15 seconds to be sent and changes it status to "Sent". Right now you need to refresh the page to see the status change, but we are working to improve it.

Question 3: The site doesn't look correctly at my PC.
Our site works fine and looks correctly at almost every web browser last editions. If the site doesn't look correctly at your PC, update youer web browser to it last availabe edition.

Question 4: What's a BBPin?
The BBPin is the BBs mobile devices identification code (PIN = Personal Identification Number). Every BB phone is registered at the BB database with its own and unrepeatable Pin, and it's function is identify your device, so you can use the BIS (BIS = BB Internet Service).

In other words it's your identification code that allows you to use the private BB network. It means that you can comunicate with any BB in the world without care about the mobile operator. With the BB Pin you can chat with another BB phone without characters limit at very high speed and without paying roaming additional values.

Question 5: How do I find a BB Pin in a BB phone?
Open the main menu (in wich you can find all the icons), then press the Options icon and then select Status. Here you can find some indications like Signal, Battery, File Free and of course, the PIN code.

Question 6: What's the difference between query date send date?
Query date is the date and time you press the "Send" button. Send date is the date and time the system sent it to the receiver mobile device.

Question 7: Why the password I receive when I use the recover password function is a new difficult one? Can I change it?
For security reasons we create a new random pasword but you can change it. Log in and go to Edit Account, and just type your new password in the respective field.

Question 8: How messages appear in the phone? How do I answer them?
Messages appear in the phone as BB Pin-to-Pin messages. For answering them just press the main menu button and select the answer option. The answer will appear in the webtoBB! user inbox.

If after reading this page you still have problems or questions please let us know, writing us to or at our Contact Us section. You can also call us at (305)848-8059 in U.S.A. or 3608236 in Colombia